“Why bother? You’ve traveled your whole life without destination. You move but you have no direction.”

“What is the ‘direction’ of the Earth in its journey; where are the atoms ‘going’ when they spin?”

“There’s an orderly pattern, some ultimate purpose in the movements of Nature. You’ve been constantly on the move for nearly twelve years. Tell me one thing that you’ve proven.”

“I’ve proven that people aren’t trees, so it is false when they speak of roots.”


“Not aimless. Not in the least. It’s just that my aims are different from most. There are plenty of aimless people on the road, all right. People who hitchhike from kicks to kicks, restlessly, searching for something: looking for America, as Jack Kerouac put it, or looking for themselves, or looking for some relation between America and themselves. But I’m not looking for anything. I’ve found something.”

“What is it that you’ve found?”


TOM ROBBINS • even cowgirls get the blues

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