Link: Ray

In 2009 I met Ray, an 86 year-old cattle farmer living deep in the rural heartlands of New South Wales, Australia. A meeting that was to inspire this instrumental composition which is my ambitious attempt at a musical portrait.

It’s who I am and what I am
Ray has worked the land his whole life, never been off the farm and is deeply connected to it. It seems to hold a profound meaning for him.



This then is life.
Here is what has come to the surface after so many throes and convulsions.
How Curious! How real!
Underfoot the divine soil, overhead the sun.

– Walt Whitman

[sun, light]

Characters in storyless stories, she said, didn’t worry about what they wore or said or did. They were Fools stepping over the edge of the cliff on all our behalves, so that we can also step out of the restrictive frame of contemporary Western narrative.

“our tragic universe”, p.389